Camo Shammy Sponge

The U.S. Camo Corps Shammy Sponge is the most unique sponge ever. We’ve covered a high-capacity foam sponge with our super-absorbent ShamoFlage fabric. It absorbs and holds over 15 times its weight and unlike flimsy cellulose sponges, it performs without any smell or bacteria growth. It’s the sponge of choice for the avid outdoorsman!
  • 2-Piece Package
  • 4” x 3”
  • Item: CSS

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1 review for Camo Shammy Sponge

  1. Joe Kinbilly

    These sponges are outstanding! Super absorbent, don’t smell. You can toss them into the wash or even the dishwasher and they come out smelling and working like new. Great for cleaning everything outdoors. Going to buy more!!

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