Reusable Kitchen Wipe


The Original Flinka Kitchen Wipe is the best way to wipe, dry, dust, polish or clean around the house while reducing your use of paper towels and expensive disposable wipes.

Made from Viscose, a natural fabric made with fibers harvested from trees grown in sustainable forests, The Original Flinka Kitchen Wipe is ideal for wiping appliances and countertops, dusting furniture and all home surfaces. And even when wet, it wrings out for use again and again!

Contents: 2-Piece Pack
Item: FKW


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 1 in

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3 reviews for Reusable Kitchen Wipe

  1. Teresita Gutierrez

    Easy to use and so economical. Saves on tearing and throwing away paper towels and reusing stinky germ filled sponges. I just wash them after several uses.

  2. Kim Mullett

    Used for spring cleaning! Worked wonderful!

  3. Karen Rosenick

    I received a sample and I really liked this cloth. It was 10 by 14 and it was blue. I don’t miss using my paper towels after every time I do dishes. I just wipe up the water on the counter and it drinks up every drop. I wring it out and hang to dry. I can even put it in the laundry. It’s made of Viscose. It absorbs 12 times it’s weight in liquid. I hang mine to dry on the rack. I blot off the water on the dishes after the dishwasher get’s done running. I love this cloth. This cloth will save me money in the long run because I no longer need to buy so many paper towels. So excited I found this sample.

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