Flinka: Introducing the Original Shammy. The next generation of reusable cleaning products

Better for Your Home

  • Flinka has a cloth, wipe or sponge for every job in your home
  • Flinka products are rugged yet gentle on all home surfaces
  • Flinka products are super absorbent, washable and reusable

Better for the Environment

  • Flinka products are manufactured to the highest levels of sustainable and social responsibility
  • Flinka cloths and wipes are made using fibers sourced from sustainable forests
  • Flinka products carry the prestigious Oeko-Tex Confidence in Textiles Certification

Better for Your Pocketbook

  • Flinka products save you money because they are reusable, not disposable
  • Flinka products dramatically reduce the use of expensive disposable wipes and paper towels
  • Flinka cloths, wipes and sponges wring out for use again and again!

Flinka reusable cleaning products

What is So Special About Flinka?

Flinka is the most environmentally-friendly line of cleaning cloths, wipes and sponges on the planet.



Unlike other cleaning cloths, Flinka cleaning cloths are made of natural fibers from trees grown in sustainable forests.


Flinka products are manufactured using the highest quality controls to ensure re-usability and durability.


A single Flinka kitchen cloth, sponge or shammy is equivalent to over 20 rolls of traditional paper towels.


Kornbusch & Starting, manufacturers of the Flinka Brand have over 100 years’ experience and innovation in textile manufacturing.